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Cash Rewards Business Platinum Card Pricing
(Rates subject to change after this date. For current information please contact U.S. Bank)

August 1,2009
Intro Rate
Other Annual Percentage Rates Variable Rate Information Grace Period Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Annual Fee Minimum or Fixed Finance Charge Other Fees

Over Limit &
Late Payment Fee

0.00%(6 Months)

Balance Transfers

9.99% up to 15.99% (Variable Rate)

Cash Advances

 20.99% (Variable Rate)

Delinquency Rate


Purchase & Balance Transfers

5.99% up to 11.99% (Variable Rate)

Cash Advances

 15.99% (Variable Rate)

 Delinquency Rate


25 Days on Purchases Only Average Daily Balance Method (Including new purchases) $0.00  (1st Yr) / $25.00 Thereafter $2.00 minimum finance charge when interest is due, $2.50 closed Account management fee if you voluntarily close your Account with a balance.

Balance Transfer

3.00% of Amt / $5.00 Min. 

Cash Advance

4.00% of Amt / $10.00 Min. 

Cash Equivalent

4.00% of Amt / $20.00 Min.  Foreign Trans Fee Less than or equal to 3.00% of trans Amt in U.S. Dollars. 

Overdraft Protection:

3.00% of Trans Amt $10.00 Min.

Convenience Check Advance:

3.00% of Trans Amt $5.00 Min.

Over Limit = $39.00

Late Fees:

Balance up to $100= $19.0 from $100 to $250= $29.00 of $250 or more<= $39.00

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