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About Us

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eQuotz® - Your tools - Our technology - Simplifying the payments industry. Our company tag line. Our mission is to operate an efficient, easy to use online auction service for business to business transactions in the payments industry. Our primary product enables merchants of any size to obtain FREE multiple merchant processing quotes for Visa, MasterCard & Discover services. eQuotz® is a privately owned, closely held limited liability company.

eQuotz® has created an environment where buyers and merchants receive multiple bids, that are timely, easily comparable and free. eQuotz® has found a unique solution which will help merchants navigate and reduce the merchant's overall credit card expenses through our online auction portal. Our primary service enables merchants of any size to obtain FREE multiple merchant account processing quotes for their Visa, MasterCard & Discover credit card fees. A complicated process made simple by eQuotz® technology. Banks‚ processors‚ independent sales organizations and associations compete online for the merchant’s business.

eQuotz® solicits merchants via the internet, referrals and by mail, to who may be interested in receiving multiple online quotes for their Visa and MasterCard acquiring business. A trademark for eQuotz® was granted by the Patent Office on April 19, 2005. Categories covered under the patent are Payroll Class 35, Banking Class 36 and Telecommunication Class 38. A Non-provisional business method patent was filed with the Patent Office for the design, concept, and uniqueness of eQuotz® in June 2010.

On January 29, 2013. eQuotz® was issued a patent by the US Patent Office No: 8,364,544 - a comprehensive online bidding and sales management system for merchant processing services of global credit card transactions.
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Notice to users of the eQuotz® service: eQuotz®, its owners, employees, officers and directors are not responsible or liable for the services provided as a part of this website. The Website is to bring together merchants and acquirers for prospective business arrangements. Accordingly, eQuotz® is not responsible for the information related to any merchant or acquirer, for any quotes or subsequent pricing or for the quality of any services provided by any subscriber or user of the eQuotz® website, either merchant or acquirer. Use of this site constitutes the agreement of the user to deal with the acquirer and to hold Eqoutz, its officers, directors and employees harmless from any claims of any nature whatsoever.
Thank You
We certainly appreciate you taking the time to visit and use the eQuotz® product. We are confident this experience will save you money and improve the quality of your merchant account processing. If you agree with us, we would be very grateful if you would pass along the eQuotz® name as a referral to one of your business associates. However, if you feel that we did not completely meet your expectation, we want to hear about it help@equotz.com. Again, thank you for Your business!