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Merchant Registration
I. Correspondence & Communication Background (Information WILL NOT be shared with Sales Representative without your acknowledgement)
Account Information
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Do you outsource your payroll processing? Who Provides your Local & Long Distance Phone Service?
II. General Background Information
Business Status Is this a retail location, i.e. Customers physically purchase goods & service at this location?
Business Description In how many locations do you operate?   Year established
Years in business for current ownership?   Number of employees  
Credit rating (Check all that applies)
Have you or your partners ever filed bankruptcy? Do you have any open   liens or judgments? Do you have any current delinquencies? Have you had delinquent payments in the   past two years? Does the business have a negative cash flow?
Description of products or services offered to consumers
Visa & MasterCard American Express PIN Based Debit Discover Diners JCB Electronic Checks Gift Cards Electronic Benefit (EBT)
Do you Currently Accept:
Do You Wish to Accept:
Who is Current Processor (Whose Name appears on your Merchant Statement)(If other please enter)
How long have you been processing with the bank? Years   Are you able to Terminate your Merchant Agreement with
No Early Termination Fees?
Reason for evaluating a new relationship:
(Please rank each category with a value between 1 - 8. Don't duplicate and 8 is the highest # for looking for a relationship)
Lack of
(Training /
Software Problems
Difficult to
Require a more
Competitive Rate
Funding Delays Poor
Customer &
Difficult to
Daily Reports
System Uptime
& Reliability
are Issues
III. Credit Card Information
What percentage of cards are
physically present at time of sale?
%   What percentage of transactions are
generated from Mail & Telephone?
%   What percentage of transactions
are generated from the Internet?
What type of point of sale equipment are you currently using? Stationary Terminal         Mobile/Wireless Terminal         PC/LAN Software 
What level of security is/will be used? Check all that apply. EMV       Tokenization       P2P (Point to Point Encryption)       PCI Certification  
What type of Point Sale Device do you use?
(If Others Please Enter)
What is the name of the software you use?
(if Others Please Enter name of the Software)
What percentage of your Credit Card
transactions are generated from?
% Purchase Cards   % Commercial Cards   % Business Cards  
Select Monetary Code
SIC Code & Business Description
Annual Business Revenues / Sales $
If you are a restaurant do you want
Do you want the ability to collect tips? Do you wish to offer Cash Back to your
Customers on Debit Transaction?
Total Monthly Credit Card "Sales" Volume (Visa & M.C. Only) $ Average Ticket Size $
(Amend Data If Necessary)
Classic Cards
Check Cards Consumer Classic
World Cards
Check Card Rewards/
World Cards
Total Cards Amex Consumer Classic Cards Amex CheckCards Signature Debit Amex Consumer Classic Rewards /World Cards Amex Check Card Rewards /World Cards Amex Total Cards Discover Consumer Classic Cards Discover CheckCards Signature Debit Discover Consumer Classic Rewards /World Cards Discover Check Card Rewards /World Cards Discover Total Cards Check PIN Debit
Total Monthly
"Sales" Volume (VP)
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Average Ticket Size(AT) $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Total Monthly(TM)
"Transaction" Volume
Monthly Dollar Volume that  will
downgrade to "Partial Qualified"(VPQ)
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $    
Monthly Dollar Volume that will
downgrade to "Non
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $    
Percentage Returns / Exchanges / Credits(PR) % Chargeback Percentage %
Total Number of ARU Authorizations Inquiries for Visa & M.C - Consumer Credit- (CP) Enter What is the Total Number of ARU Authorizations Inquiries for Visa & M.C. - Check Cards (Signature Debit)
IV. Auction Options
How long do you want the bidding window to remain open?
Exclude Settlement Bank Exclude MSP Exclude Processor
Do You wish to exclude any Settlement Bank, MSP, or  Processor from being able to view & submit a bid?(To Select Multiple Items press 'Ctrl' and 'Left Mouse click' on the item)
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eQuotz® Disclaimer
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Thank You
We certainly appreciate you taking the time to visit and use the eQuotz® product. We are confident this experience will save you money and improve the quality of your merchant account processing. If you agree with us, we would be very grateful if you would pass along the eQuotz® name as a referral to one of your business associates. However, if you feel that we did not completely meet your expectation, we want to hear about it help@equotz.com. Again, thank you for Your business!